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10/9/05 12:26 am - Fanfic sites

The A-Slash


American Idol
American Idol, but Gay

Andromeda Fiction
Land of Basingstoke - Andromeda Fiction
Tosca's Kiss - Andromeda Fiction
The Glass Onion Archive - Andromeda Fiction
...Mightier Than the Sword - Andromeda Fiction
Omega 4: The Spectral Net - Becca Abbott
Not Food, Just Hope - Vesper
Shieldbrothers - Lursa and BeTor

Angel and Buffy
Step Away from My Xander
The Flambeau Factory - Angel and Buffy
Land of Basingstoke - Angel and Buffy
Jane's Webpage - Angel and Buffy
The Quill Queu - Angel and Buffy
The Glass Onion Archive
Adds Mystery
Wolfling's Liar
Polyamorous Recommendations
Mattslash - Angel and Buffy
Chivalry is Dead - Angel and Buffy
UnConventional Realationhipper's List
Educated Guesses
Peaches Won't be Happy
Jameschick Fic's
Anna's Stories - Buffy
Watcher Love
Sidekick Pride
Wesley Slash Archive
London Calling
Searing Idolotry
Jedi Buttercup - Angel and Buffy
Leather Lust
Buffy Fiction Archive
Kay's Asylum Journal
Obsessed Much
The Stacks
The Darker Side of Sunnydale
The Gunn/Wesley Fanfic Archive
Angel(us/Wesley Shipper's Journal
Gila's Cave - Angel and Buffy
Versaphile Recs - Angel and Buffy
Immortal Convergence - Kay
Sacred Geometry -
Graduation Day ficlet - Eloise
Coterminous - Jane St. Clair
Guess Who's Coming to Manchester - Katta
Shelter -
Never Pay the Reaper with Love Only - James Walks With Wind
Stasis -
Flux -
Winter -
Putting Down -
Tucker's Brother - Jess
This Side of the Line - Matthew Haldeman-Time
Demons at Bay - Criss Moody
Being and Fate - Kassie
Skelping - The Mad Poetess
Louder than Words - Wesley's Girl
Coming Home - Ferret Girl
Where are you Christmas - Ferret Girl
Domestic Pirahnas - James Walks With Wind and Mad Poetess
Deliverance - Debchan
WEsley Rogue Demon - James Walks With Wind and Mad Poetess
Modus Vivendi - Wiseacress
Loserville - Shrift
The Jump!verse -
Change of Heart - Wesley's Girl
Atlantis - frk werewolf
The One in the Cave - Ana S
Saturation - Jan Davitt and Wsley's Girl
Quantum Xander - Jame's Chick
Spirit Guide - Moon Loon
Chocolate Hurricane -
Louder Than Words - Wesley's Girl
Not True Nowhere - Wesley's Girl
Open Season - Wesley's Girl
Sick of Shadows - Jane Davitt and Wesley's Girl
Pet - The Brat Queen
Post Apocalyptic Buffyverse AU - Wolfing
Cigarette Ends - Tesla321
Small Fry - James Walks With Wind
Strange Mentors - Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge
Truly Whole - Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge
Changed Circumstance - Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge
Copy of the Soul - Yahtzee
My Scorpion - Firehorse
Beyond Eden - Wolfling
Bunch of Lonesome Heroes - Wolfling
Cascade - Wolfling and James
Start Again - Wolfling and The Brat Queen
Living Dangerously - Andraste
How Soon Is Now - Hellblazer
Ashes to Ashes - Hellblazer
Blasphemous Rumors - Hellblazer
Blood Simple - Elaine Walker
And Now for Something Completely Different -
Almost the Fool - Eloise
Taking the Biscuit - Eloise
The Cookie Crumbles - Eloise
Nothing to Say - Eloise
Controlled Circumstances - Flurblewig
Imperative - Glim
Memories - Lost Girl's Lair
Playing the Game - Eloise
So Infinite in Reason - Rayne Y Daze
Dressing Down - Psycho Adept
Learning Curve - Psycho Adept
Warmth -
Heat -
Breathless - Psycho Adept
New Light -
Going Under - Lost Girl's Lair
Scars - Margarks
Snakes in a Can - Hellbalzer
A Second Chance - Starway Man
Lost in the Supermarket - Lint
Rumble, Young Man -

The Authority
Jane's Webpage - The Authority
Land of Basingstoke - The Authority
Apollo/Midnighter Slash List
Rhyo's Fic-o-Rama

Battlestar Galactica (Older)
Sacrifice - Josephine Darcy

Dark Secret - The Tenth Muse

Big Wolf on Campus
Desiderium Caritas - Big Wolf on Campus
Ordinary Boy - Caroline Crane
Fate and Other Four-Letter Words - Caroline Crane
Option Number 2 - Northlight

Tayla - CSI
The Crime Scene
What Makes the Desert Beautiful
CSI Forensics
Elamae's Fanfic Archive - CSI
Frisked and Conquered - CSI
Greg Sanders/Gil Grissom Slash Fanfiction
CSI Slash
The Greg Slash Archive
Desiderium Caritas - CSI
Comfort - Abby Strehlow
Driftwood - Wintertime
All's Fair - Tayla
Still Waters Run Deep - Kat Reitz and Tzigane
Still Waters Run Deep Pt2 - Kat Reitz and Tzigane
Soft Science -
One Good Man - Geek Writer143
Conspire - Kalimyre
Exposed - Cat Lover 2x

DeGrassi: The Next Generation
DeGrassi Slash Journal

Diagnosis Murder
Barb and Marty's Pages - Diagnosis Murder
The Last Kiss - Guardian
Prey - Guardian
Dangerous - Guardian

Due South
The Flambeau Factory - Due South
Land of Basingstoke - Due South
The Glass Onion Archive - Due South
Mattslash - Due South
Inuvik Pride
BrooklineGirl's Due South Page
Speranza's Fiction - Due South
Slash Slut's Due South Recs
Due South Slash Stories
Serge Protector
Stormy Night - Due South
Chez Shay - Due South
Brenda Antrim - Due South
Barb's Multi-Fanplex - Due South
Third Person - Julad
Kowalski is Bleeding - Speranza
The Teeth of the Hydra - Resonant
Skin Flick - Anagi
Some Strange Prophesy - Speranza
Zen -
Lunar Eclipse in G Minor - Wax Jism
Speaking in Tongues - Aerye
You Get What You Need - Aerye
Gas Food Lodging - Brookline Girl
Gas Food Lodging - Brookline Girl
Plate Tectonics - Perl-o/a>

9/24/05 02:43 am - THINGS MEGAN WANTS, a journey in fantasy

Just a post of everything I could possibly want, to be updated as needed. Hopefully I will be able to strike many of these in a future date.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Season 1
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Season 2
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Season 3
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Season 4
Wishful thinking, I know, they haven't even been released to DVD yet, and seem to be in some kind of limbo. In a perfect world, the movies would be included as a special bonus.
Homicide: Life on the Streets Season 6
Homicide: Life on the Streets Season 7
Simply one of the best shows ever made. I don't care if the last season is sub-standard, I still need it. Don't even talk to me about the movie, though. In Megan's world, the blasphemous destruction of Tim never happened, never ever.
Stargate S-G1 Season 1
Stargate S-G1 Season 2
Stargate S-G1 Season 3
Stargate S-G1 Season 4
Stargate S-G1 Season 5
Stargate S-G1 Season 6
Stargate S-G1 Season 7
Two words: Daniel Jackson. Only the best woobie character ever. I've loved him since the movie. Richard Dean Anderson as Jack is pretty fricken' awesome as well.
Angel Season 3
Angel Season 4
Angel Season 5
Oh Wesley, how I love thee. Oh Fred, how I hate thee. Poor Wes, poor, poor Wes. The guy just never gets a break. His character arc seemed to be, we'll just shit on him until there's nothing left, and then we'll kill him. Oh well, they made up for it with Vincent Kar-whatever as Conner. Although the last season did SUCK! Let's turn Gunn into a boring white guy! Let's ruin Wesley! No happiness ever! Not even Lorne can be happy! Cordelia, WTF, we don't know what to do with her, so we'll just forget about her. I did like Spike, the return of Andrew, and the destruction of Fred.
Star Trek: Enterprise Season 1
Star Trek: Enterprise Season 2
Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3
Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4
Five words: Trip Tucker and Malcolm Reeds. Oh the delicious slashiness, oh the melodious accents, oh the hot men! Captain Archer's endless sermonizing does get a bit yawn-inducing. How many aliens must have wanted to bitch slap him when he launched into another one of his, "Back on Earth, a planet you've never been to, we have some dumb-ass thing involving creatures (dogs, cats, whatever) you've never heard that only tangentially relates to this situation, but I'm going to tell you this story anyway because it will make this event RELEVANT to the viewers at home. The viewers we assume are too dumb to pull their heads out of their asses and figure it out for themselves," speeches. But Malcolm and Trip make it all worth it.
Nip/Tuck Season 1
Nip/Tuck Season 2
It's a soap opera, only hard-core. I wanted to not like it, but it sucked me in. Plus John Hensley is schmexy.
Queer As Folk US Season 1
Queer As Folk US Season 2
Queer As Folk US Season 3
Queer As Folk US Season 4
Queer As Folk US Season 5
It's a soap opera too, only hard-core, and gay. This fandom has mostly been overrun by Brian/Justin shippers, but I am all about Michael. He's just so, umm, schmoopy. I liked him with Dr. Dave, and I like him with Ben. Hunter is adorable too. In fact, I like pretty much everyone on the show, except for the Crystal meth guy that got Teddy hurt. I don't even remember his name, but he should suffer.
Queer As Folk UK Season 1
Queer As Folk UK Season 2
Charlie Hunnam. I have loved him ever since Nicholas Nickelby. Plus, boys touching boys = yummy.
Scrubs Season 1
Scrubs Season 2
Scrubs Season 3
Scrubs Season 4
Scrubs Season 5
I haven't gotten to see as much of this show as I would like, mostly because I could never figure out when it was on. And I think for a while there must have been a show I watched that was on at the same time. Regardless, I would love to see all the episodes in order. The humor on this show is hits ridiculous without quite going over the line, mostly due to the great actors.
Sapphire and Steel
I have never seen this show, but David McCallum. And the premise does sound kind of interesting.
Dead Like MeSeason 1
Dead Like MeSeason 2
Dead Like MeSeason 3
Your typical quirky off-beat show. But I saw the first season, and then we got rid of Showtime, so I would like to know what happened.
Odyssey 5
I really wish this show hadn't gotten canceled. It was very interesting, and I the whole cast was great. :(

I buy many movies just for the actors in them, because I'm shallow like that. Deal
Starsky and Hutch
Owen Wilson. And the scene in the jail with Will Ferrel. Oatmeal indeed.
I Spy
Owen Wilson. Famke Jenson hurting Owen Wilson. Hotness.
Velvet Goldmine
There are no adequate adjectives. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Christian Bale, Ewan McGreggor - having glorious man touchy moment after man touchy moment! The music, the scenery, the glitter. Todd Haynes, you are a movie god!
Singing in the Rain Anniversary edition
Only the best movie ever. Make 'em laugh.

Mississauga Goddam - The Hidden Cameras
The Smell of Our Own - The Hidden Cameras
Odditorium or Warlords of Mars - The Dandy Warhols
Welcome to the Monkey House - The Dandy Warhols
Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia - The Dandy Warhols
Dandy Warhols Come Down - The Dandy Warhols
Dandy's Rule, OK? - The Dandy Warhols
Nuisance - Menswe@r
What a ridiculous name, Men's we at R.
The Chinese Album - Spacehog
Hogyssey - Spacehog
Vegas Hog Livin - Spacehog
The Psychomodo - Cockney Rebel
The Human Menagerie - Cockney Rebel
Very Best Album Ever - Cockney Rebel
The Original Soundtrack - 10cc
How Dare You! - 10cc
Deceptive Bends - 10cc
Sheet Music - 10cc
Bloody Tourists - 10cc
10cc - 10cc
Look Hear - 10cc
Mirror, Mirror - 10cc
Dressed to Kill - 10cc
Meanwhile - 10cc
Windows in the Jungle - 10cc
Planet Flame - Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars
Star Shaped Single - Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars
Tyrannasaurus Hives - The Hives

meh, that's enough greed for now

6/2/05 10:40 pm

Good book of the week: Marriage: A History

5/26/05 11:23 pm

Wee! Finally a first entry. It took a long time to set all that crazy stuff up. I'll probably change it all tomorrow. I need to make a website. For now, I'm going to join a bunch of communities and go from there.
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